How the sledgehammer manages corners.

In "Basics" chapter, cubies were conveniently oriented. What if not so lucky?

  that is the 'sledgehammer' adopted in "Basics".


Don't worry. just keep going .
- The 'sledgehammer' will sort the cubie in 1 time.
- The reverse algorithm will sort the cubie in 1 iteration look at few line below.

The 'sledgehammer' can be used to move cubies or change the orientation of a cubie.

The 'Sledgehammer' is a cyclic algorithm and repeats every 6 iterations

The 'B' and 'D' cases are particularly boring because they require up to 5 repetitions. However, using the reverse of the 'sledgehammer' adopted in the previous example, they become the most convenient.

  that is the reverse of the 'sledgehammer' above.

The REVERSE of a 'sledgehammer' is still a 'sledgehammer'. A 'sledgehammer' and its reverse cancell each other.

The reverse of a rotation is the same rotation in the opposite direction: (for example: R becomes R'; F' becomes F).

The reverse of an algorithm is the reverse of each rotation from the end to the begin (for example: the reverse of (R L D' F U L') is (L U' F' D L' R')